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*GUEST POST* Some of my favourite books with queer characters


For this week, we'll be doing something a little different. I was offered to do a guest post for Jayati from Its Just A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile, in exchange for her to do one for my blog. She's a fellow book blogger and reader from India, and she's just the cutest thing! Her topic of choice for today is discussing her top favorite books with queer characters. Take it away, Jayati!

BOOKENDING WINTER 2020 // Check out my host prompts and schedule!

I'm back at it again for another round of Bookending Winter 2020! 

Hosted by Clo @ Cuppa Clo and Sam @ Fictionally Sam, Bookending Winter is a book blogging event part of Bookend Events, which happens during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. I've hosted a few times, and it's always great to connect with other bloggers and readers during the specific season. 

Here are my hosting prompts for December 21-23:

I'm doing the Sunshine Blogger Award because I like blogging about myself today


Since you guys liked the last post I had made about the 17 Books and Music that had helped my mental health in 2020, I've decided to incorporate more personal posts. It's been nice to sit back and fangirl about two of my favorite entertainment styles with y'all. So check that post out if you haven't!

Thanks to the lovely Kris from Books and Dachshunds for tagging me in the Sunshine Blogger Award that I had unapologetically asked to be tagged in

17 books and music that helped my mental health in 2020


This year has certainly tested both my patience, faith, and mental health while being at home most days. While I'm mostly okay with being home, keeping safe from the coronavirus, I've mostly been thinking of how the Black Lives Matter movement has evolved, as well. Both circumstances have stimulated my senses tenfold. 

Both books and music have helped keep my mental space calm, and have improved on my journey. Books have always been a form of escapism and therapy for me. Ranging from characters, setting, plot, character development, funny moments, romantic moments and more, books and reading have showcased that for me. Listening to my favorite artists' new and old music puts me in a bubble where [almost] nothing goes wrong. Music is universal; no matter what language the artists are singing in, if it's beautiful, then I'll cosign to it. 

With everything going on in the world, I came up with a list of books and music that have helped with my mental health this year, in no particular order.