Book Review: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green

** spoiler alert ** I loved it! I loved how hard it was to read at somepoints, but that's one of the reasons why I loved it. The fact that it made me dig deep into the story and made me really listen to Hazel and Gus as individual characters and not as THE COUPLE, THE OTP, made me really feel for them.

Every time Hazel spoke of how her lungs were not normal lungs, and she wanted them to, made me clench for my own lungs.

And every time Gus went out of his way to make Hazel happy, even though it may not have been something she wanted, it made me want a man like that.

I just really, really, really loved this book, and I can't wait for the movie!

Poem 2: "Overcome"

I know I can overcome anything.
But sometimes I make mistakes,
And it's hard to see the good inside everything.

But I know there's a light at the end,
Shining bright over me.
And I know it's going to be alright.

I just have to think,
More like an adult than a child.
And not let my mouth get in the way
Of the friendships I've made.

God will help me overcome it,
I just need to let go of who I was
And let in who I'm going to be.

Poem 1: "21"

Who says you have to
Have your life together
At 21?

Ok, so I don't know how to cook,
Or know what will happen
To me next year.

Ok, so I don't have
My license yet.
At least I'm graduating in May.

At least I'm not out
There smoking, drinking,
Or having babies.

I at least want to
Make something of my life,
One step at a time.

And it may not be
Or next week,
Maybe not even
In 2 weeks.
But who knows?

I'll get it together,
Just don't expect me to at 21.