Bookending Winter 2018 Day 21: Supporting Character Party!!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this event as much as I should be. It's getting closer and closer to Christmas Day, which means I'll be ripping and rolling around doing last minute things. But I'm still back!! 

It's Day 21 of the Bookending Winter 2018 Event, created by Sam @ FictionallySam and Clo @ BookDragons. For more information on what the Christmas themed event is all about, visit my previous post HERE. 

Today's host is Erin @ Bluestocking Bookworm from December 18-21, her last day as host for this event. The prompt of the day is:

Prompt Title: Lord/Lady/Liege of Misrule
Explanation: In ancient Roman traditions, one peasant was nominated as the leader of the Christmastime revelry. Which SUPPORTING character from a book that you have read this year would you like to party (whatever your definition of party is) with?

Even though I know Robbie from Shadowshaper is technically a lead male character, I'm still using him as an example because he's so sweet, funny, intelligent, caring, emotional and one hell of a visual artist!

He would be so much fun to party with in underground salsa dance clubs; I've never done those dances before, so it wouldn't hurt to learn from a master. Granted, I'd hope his girl Sierra wouldn't mind, but I'm sure she wouldn't....maybe....

Also, Robbie would be awesome to show me some sites and paintings and murals of where some older Mexican spirits would hide and communicate with him, as he is a fellow Shadowshaper. Those adventures we would have would be a time and a half!

Which supporting character would you invite to party with? Comment below!

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Thanks for reading!

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