If you missed my first post for Bookending Spring 2020, check it out HERE.

Day two's host is still Sam @ FictionallySam, who was so kind as to tag me. Thank you, dear! Love you so much!

The Wedding Tag [Original]
An Original tag that plays off the wedding phrase: “Something Old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

1. Answer the prompts.
2. Tag some friends.
3. Link back to this post, and be sure to mention the creator (Sam @ Fictionally Sam)
4. Have fun!

Something Old – What is the oldest book on your shelves? 
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares was published on September 11, 2001, which is so eerie. But I guess it worked for the times at the time, hopefully.

Something New – Your last book/bookish purchased/received
I don't really buy books anymore, but the last ARC I got was Tweet Cute by Emma Lord back in January 2020.

Something Borrowed – A character you’d borrow for the day
I'm only saying this because I just finished reading it, but Amari from Children of Blood and Bone. She wasnt even the main character of the story, but the way her character went from a docile, shy, sheltered princess to a warrior princess was just perfect! Plus, she's so sweet and cute and funny, I just want to put her in my pocket!

Something Blue – A Book with the word “blue” in the title
I'll reiterate from Sam's post and add Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. Everytime I see this book mentioned, it gives me all of the butterflies because it's so good, so funny, such a pivotal moment in YA gay history!

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