Book Review: ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth

It was a hard read, but I finally finished it! The ending killed me! I wouldn't have done what Tris did. I would have let Caleb die. That's kinda why I gave it 3 stars. Because I expected more from her.

Poem 3: "Genres"

What is country, exactly?
Is it singing with a guitar in your hand?
Or is it about the passion behind the music? The craft and the art of putting together a good song 
For a thousand hearts to hear?
Why can't you just respect the artist instead
Of sticking a label on it and
Saying "that's not country"? 
Or "that's not rap"
Or "that's not rock"
Genre of music it is!
Who really cares?
As long as they are filling up your ears with
Something to listen to 
At night,
Then it doesn't matter what 
Genre of music they're
"Supposed" to fit in.
Respect that,
And maybe we'll get somewhere.