Four: The Transfer is the first of four prequel books based on Tobias Eaton's, aka Four, journey from his abusive home in Abnegation to the dangerous and exciting new world of Dauntless. 

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Fans of the Divergent series by No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be thrilled by ‘The Transfer’, the first of four new short stories told from Four’s perspective.

Each brief story explores the world of the Divergent series through the eyes of the mysterious but charismatic Tobias Eaton, revealing previously unknown facets of his personality, backstory and relationships.

This first part of the Four series was really good! It made me cry a little, and feel for Four's pain with having to deal with a monster for a father. It's funny because later on we figure out that Four's mother Evelyn isn't dead, so it kinda made me want to yell to Four that she was still alive. Also, Four's decision for the Choosing Ceremony was interesting, too. He started by contemplating staying in Abnegation, but as soon as his dad hit him the night before the Ceremony, Four KNEW he had to get out of that house and away from his awful father. 

The Dauntless initiation process with Amar was cool, too. I liked how Amar didn't tease Four or anything when he found out about Four's fears and why Four had them. He just understood and gave him a new name. It gave Four power and control over who he wanted to be in this new faction. 

I can't wait to read the second part of the Collection, The Initiate, before the Insurgent movie comes out next year. 

"Dusty" Author Mary Elizabeth Writes New Book: TRUE LOVE WAY, Out December 2014

Fans of Dusty, listen up! Author Mary Elizabeth has a new book for December 2014, called Love Way Out. Read the summary below:
Mary Elizabeth
December 2014

Some days are brighter than others, but Penelope Finnel has learned she can be invisible behind the colored lenses of her heart-shaped sunglasses.

Her mind is her own worst enemy, and simply waking up in the morning is risky. For a girl like her, staying in bed is easier. Especially when the day come to start school in a new town with new kids who don’t understand that the clouds are not the only reason everything is so gloomy.

Dillon Decker is a typical boy from a typical small town who radiates light and happiness. Under the hovering glare of her father, Dillon leads Penelope around on his bicycle’s handlebars, hoping he will be the cure to her madness.

But as time goes by and when friend turns to lover, and lover turns to caretaker, how much can either of them endure before they’re swallowed whole?

This is a story about rollerblades and moving trucks, trading candy for smiles, and passing notes across lawns.

First love and the struggle to keep it sane.

The true love way.

Add it to your To Be Read List! 

About the Author

Mary Elizabeth is an up and coming author who finds words in chaos, writing stories about the skeletons hanging in your closets. 

Born and raised in Southern California, she's a wife, mother of four beautiful children, and dog tamer to one enthusiastic Pit Bull and a prissy Chihuahua. She’s a hairstylist by day but contemporary fiction, new adult author by night. Mary can often be found finger twirling her hair and chewing on a stick of licorice while writing and rewriting a sentence over and over until it’s perfect. She discovered her talent for tale-telling accidentally, but literature is in her chokehold. And she’s not letting go until every story is told. 

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.”—Jeremiah 17:9

Book Review: IF I STAY by Gayle Forman

Wow. This book was happy, it was sad, it was memorable, it was... I can't even describe how good this 
book was without choking up. Not crying, just tearing up and choking up and wanting Mia to stay with the family she still has. And even though her immediate family is gone, she'll still have the love she needs to carry on for her life. I love that Adam was the one to finally wake her up. He was truly her man in this book. I can't wait to read the sequel to get ready to choke up some more. 

Grade: A

Buy the book on amazon, and watch the movie on August 22