Bookending Events/Winter 2018 Info and Calendar

Clo @ BookDragons and Sam @ Fictionally Sam have created an epic version of Blogmas for this year's Christmas season! Their version is called Bookend Events, with the first event being Bookending Winter 2018. 

What it Is

You can choose to do one, two, or all three options. I choose to do 3-5 blog posts. 

The Rules

  • Book reviews don’t count as part of the event – but you’re more than welcome to still post them throughout the month. Just remember they won’t count as part of your 3-5 posts
  • Posts are not restricted to a theme/topic – you can post about whatever you want, however,  we do encourage discussion posts and/or creative post types to branch out and have fun!
  • Autumn and Winter have more of a Halloween and Christmas theme added in, but you don’t need to include that if you don’t want to.
  • General Topic Ideas: Discussion Posts, Tags/Awards, Memes, Writing Themed Posts, Blogging Themed Posts etc.
  • You MUST include the Bookend Events logo somewhere on/within your post. This is so we know which posts are part of the event or were inspired by the event. It also helps us with blog hopping.

Hosts and Daily Calendar

I didn't want to copy from all of the hosts' daily prompts, so to see the full calendar of events, visit for more details. 

Knowing me and my crazy work schedule and how unpredictable it is this time of year, I'll be scheduling and rescheduling posts all through December. But I've been needing a change on my platform, so this came at a perfect time. 

Which part of Bookending Events are you excited for? Comment below!

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