#BookBloggerHop DISCUSSION: Have I Fallen Out of Love with Blogging?

This isn't really a discussion post, it's more of a diary entry about how I feel about my blogging journey as of late. 

At the beginning of March 2014, when I had first started this blog, it was under a different name: Poetry and Book Reviews of a Young Artist. It was only supposed to support a platform for my poetry and book reviews, respectively. 

But then, I thought that maybe the brand name was too long, and I had wanted to expand to talk about other things, so I shortened it to PoetryBooksYA. And it was a fun experience, those first few years, from 2014-2016. I did nothing but reading, write reviews, sign up for blog tour posts, and make friends on the Internet. It created a safe space for me to create without the judgment of the real world. Then, I had done a few interviews with some authors I knew and kept my head above water in this blogging scene. 

However, in 2017, I reached a breaking point after I had graduated from college. I realized that I could take something that I loved and turn it into reality. 

Now, I feel like I've fallen out of love with blogging altogether. The scene has changed so much, whether it's about the number of followers you have, the type of personality you must have, and more politics involved. I do rely heavily on weekly memes and prompts because I feel like I don't have enough material to write about anymore. I'm trying to do more reviews, but even those are getting tired because I'm not writing for me; I'm writing to be seen and heard. 

I think creating my own publishing company with my best friend has opened my eyes on what needs to be done, not only for myself but for the people who support us in the future. We want to create a space that is fluctuating with effortless inspiration for black female artists of all kinds, especially bloggers and writers. 

With that being said, no I'm not going anywhere. I'm still here writing on a platform that I love so much. I just need to think deeper about what my message wants to be, and how I want to express it on here. 

Also, this goes into this week's Book Blogger Hop question, my own question:
Have you ever thought about taking a break from blogging/Booktubing (if you're a Booktuber)? If you have, how long was the break and what did you learn from it? 

I can't wait to check out your answers! Comment below!

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