#Quarantunes and Books // Let's Discuss Our Favorite Artists and Stories!

I know this is a bit of a tough time for the world right now, so I don't want to talk about the Big 'Rona today. this week, I want to discuss our favorite books and the music that goes along with them.

Briana from Pages Unbound asked: Are there any books that remind you of songs? Or songs that remind you of books?

BOOK BLOGGER HOP RETURNS! // Books, Movies, TV Shows and More!

Book Blogger Hop is back! At least on my blog. 

I haven't done BBH in so long, I thought it was time to bring it back for fun, at least to see if I can still have discussions about books that are not in the most conventional way. 

MAGICAL O.W.L.S READATHON 2020 // My Very VERY Tentative Second Attempt and TBR

This is the second time I'm trying out the Magical OWLs Readathon 2020, hosted and created by G of Book Roast on Booktube. Last year (or maybe the year before?) when I tried this massive, amazing readathon, I felt so overwhelmed by my career choice (Healer), that I psyched myself out and gave up. But this time, I want to actually try again. This time with an easier career choice that is linked to a career choice in my real life: Librarian!